about us

It is our goal to provide your pets with the services needed to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. We have a team of people who truly have a love for the animals we care for. We have all been brought together simply by the love we share for our fur friends. We know that each and every fur baby that walks through our door is a loved member of their families, and want them all to know they are a part of our Woof Ave. family,  as well. Be it you come once a year, every month, week, or day.

Woof Ave also has a small no-kill rescue, Woof Ave Rescue. We take in the unwanted, the sick, the old, the young. We take them in and provide a safe place to stay, provide TLC, get them vetted, vaccinated, spayed and neutered and then find them loving, forever homes and families. We strive to place our rescues in the right home, not just any home. We work with approved adopters to match them with the right companion pet.



Our Services




This includes all services of a bath in addition to a hair cut of the clients choosing. 
We can do almost anything from just a trim around the face and paws to a full shave down(does depend on the condition of hair i.e. mats/tangles). 
Just depends on your preference!

Monthly's include a bath once a week and a groom once a month, day of your choosing
If your pet is very matted there may be an additional fee up to $50

0-15 lbs $44   Monthly-$62

16-30 lbs $55    Monthly-$73

31-50 lbs $66    Monthly-$83

51-70 lbs $77    Monthly-$94

71-90 lbs $88     Monthly-$105

91-100 lbs $99     Monthly-$127

100+ lbs $110      Monthly-$138

Cats $50


This includes a full brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning. 
We also offer special shampoos such as oatmeal, itchy dog, stinky dog, and other skin shampoos at no extra charge.

0-25 lbs $22   Monthly-$39

26-50 lbs $28    Monthly-$44

51-75 lbs $33     Monthly-$49

76-100 lbs $38     Monthly-$55

100+ lbs $44      Monthly-$60

Cats $28


Some of our other services

Anal Gland Expression $10

You Bathe $10

Nail Trim Free with a minimum $20 purchase or $5 per nail trim

Nail Caps: Plastic coverings that go over your cats nails that keep them from tearing up furniture and skin.

Teeth Brushing: Make your pup have better smelling breath and maintain great oral hygiene

Blueberry Facial: Filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and is PH balanced. Helps with color enhancement and cleaner faces

Dry Paw Treatment: Balm to help with cracked and achy paws

Specialty Shampoos: Black Beauty, Truly White, Deshedding, Medicated


Your dog can come to doggie daycare and romp and play with his/her best friend and make lots of new friends! 
We have an indoor playroom and a fenced-in backyard(weather permitting) to play fetch or just soak up some good sun rays.

1 day $12

5 days $55

10 days $100

15 days $135

20 days $160

Unlimited Monthly Package $190.00 per month: unlimited daycare days during the month plus one bath per week included


Includes daycare plus a free bath for those who stay 4 nights or more.

All size dogs $22

Cats $18 / night

The packages are to be used for only one pet, but multiple packages can be purchased at one time.

Dogs 10 nights $200,  20 nights $360,  30 nights $480

Cats 10 nights $160,   20 nights $280



Woof Ave rescue


Woof Ave Rescue is operated out of our facility. We have several dogs and cats looking for their forever homes. Rescue is a non profit 501(c)3. We are a no kill.

We welcome you to visit our rescues anytime during our business hours.

Available dogs and cats can be found on our Facebook page and pet finder.

We love all dogs and cats but we also love being able to give  some a second chance at finding their perfect families.

RESCUE one until there are none.



Satisfied guest





1027 Opelika Rd

Auburn, AL 36830

(334) 502-7900



Questions and answers


Required Vaccinations

Dogs: Rabies, Parvo-distemper and Bordatella   Cats: panleukopenia (feline distemper), Feline calicivirus, Feline Rhinotracheitis, and Rabies.

Pet Drop off times

Bathing or Grooming: between 7&10am

Daycare: If your dog is a regular...anytime. If your dog is new, we ask that you have them there between 7-7:30am until your dog is accustomed to coming :)

Boarding: Anytime during  business hours.


We ask that you make reservations for grooming and boarding. We do fill up. If we have the availability we will accept walk-ins.

Food and Medications

We do provide food for our boarders. If you would like your pet to remain on his/her current diet you are welcome to send some for your pets stay. We can administer pets medications during his/her stay.


We are closed for

New Years Day
Easter Sunday
4th of July
Thanksgiving Day and day after
Christmas Eve and Christmas

New Years Eve and Christmas Eve we will be open from 9-9:30am