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This includes all services of a bath in addition to a hair cut of the clients choosing. 
We can do almost anything from just a trim around the face and paws to a full shave down(does depend on the condition of hair i.e. mats/tangles). 
Just depends on your preference!
If your pet is very matted there may be an additional fee up to $50

0-15 lbs$40

16-30 lbs$47

31-50 lbs$55

51-70 lbs$70

71-90 lbs$90




This includes a full brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning. 
We also offer special shampoos such as oatmeal, itchy dog, stinky dog, and other skin shampoos at no extra charge.

0-25 lbs$20

26-50 lbs$23

51-100 lbs$27

100+ lbs$31



Some of our other services

Anal Gland Expression$4

You Bathe$7

Nail TrimFree!



Your dog can come to doggie daycare and romp and play with his/her best friend and make lots of new friends! 
We have an indoor playroom and a fenced-in backyard(weather permitting) to play fetch or just soak up some good sun rays.

1 day$11

5 days$45

10 days$75

15 days$105

20 days$120

40 days$220


Includes daycare plus a free bath for those who stay 4 nights or more.

All size dogs$20 / night

Cats$16 / night

The packages are to be used for only one pet, but multiple packages can be purchased at one time.

Dogs 10 nights$180

Cats 10 nights$140